As a well known pilot and poet there are many references for the life and work of John Magee Jr. available by a search of the web. These are some of the more local and official records.

John Magee was buried in the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in the village of Scopwick close to RAF Digby and 2 miles from Wellingore. Cemetery Record

A local historian in Scopwick has compiled details of many of those buried in the cemetery including this link with the personal memories of John's brother, Rev. Canon Hugh Magee. Memories of a Famous Brother

The record at RAF Digby includes a reference to his high altitude test flight in the Spitfire Mark V which inspired the poem High Flight and to the fatal flight from Wellingore. RAF Digby Record

Lest we forget that another 19 year old pilot under training, Leading Aircraftman Ernest Aubrey Griffin, was killed on that day and was buried in Oxford. Ernest Aubrey Griffin

John's father, Rev. John Magee Sr., also had his share of fame. As a missionary in Nanking, China during the Japanese occupation he helped to save the lives of Chinese soldiers and smuggled out film of atrocities. He was also the chaplain to president Harry S. Truman. John Magee Sr.
References to John Magee Jr. and his poetry can be found in many books. Two recently published books tell the true history and a 2017 novel entwines John's story into a tale of romance and inspiration.

The original manuscript of the poem is held at the US Library of Congress and this page shows a copy of the original High Flight as hand-written by John Magee Jr.
Image: Roger Cole High Flight.
High Flight
Published in 2013 by Roger Cole, a resident of Wellingore, this book provided the basis for the creation of the John Gillespie Magee Jr. Foundation and the Memorial Project. It includes the complete history of John Magee Jr. with many references to personal correspondence and a complete compilation of his poetry with some poems not previously published.
Image: Ray Haas-Touching the face of god.
Touching the Face of God
Published in 2014 by American aviation writer Ray Haas the book provides a complete history of John Magee Jr. with many samples of correspondence by John and by his family and air force colleagues.
Image: Linda Granfield High Flight.
High Flight
Published in 1999 by Linda Granfield in Canada is a popular book for children with the story of John Magee Jr. and his inspirational poetry.
Image: Kathryn Gabriel Loving
A Day in Eternity
In addition to the true story of John Magee Jr. his life and his poetry provide many people with a source of inspiration which has been woven into novels. This book by Kathryn Gabriel Loving was published in 2017 in the USA and reached the finals of the 2017 Indie Book Awards for Inspirational Fiction. It tells a story of a pilot who dreams he has crashed and wakes up at a deserted airfield to find John Magee Jr. landing his plane to rescue him.
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